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  • Gwen LaSalle

    For many years, I have called on Rebecca Bauwens. I have met with her at Saatchi & Saatchi X (P&G agency), The Mars Agency (Campbell’s, Hillshire) and recently as she began her own company. Her insights are invaluable. She knows how/why brands and retailers buy media, she knows what the brands need, she knows what the brands want that currently isn’t available and more. When building a new product, inviting Rebecca to consult is invaluable.

    Gwen LaSalle
    Director, National Sales PRODEGE, LLC

  • Media team development
  • Educate your team on how to reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time, with the right message
  • Collaboration facilitator
  • Process creation
  • Content creator
  • Help agencies choose the best vendor/s for their campaigns
  • Learn to negotiate – it is a learned skill that sets you apart
  • Master presentations to maximize sell-in opportunities
  • Identify the differences between consumer and shopper teams
  • Learn how to market to both consumers and shoppers
  • Become a Walmart and Sam’s Club expert
  • Gain the ability to speak each retailer’s “language” (with a concentration on Walmart and Sam’s Club) that will help your brands and sell-in your product offerings
  • Become well-versed in knowing what Walmart Buyers are looking for and how each of your products/brands can align with their needs/expectations
  • Consulting for vendors
    • How to work with an agency and get a seat at the table
    • How to work with a supplier and what they need to hear in order to trust you with both their brands and their budgets
    • Address any questions about your competition and help define your brand’s true point of differentiation
    • Work with other departments when necessary (for example, consult with IT for product development)
  • Founder, Rebecca Bauwens, is available for speaking engagements
  • Blake Marts

    I have worked with Rebecca for several years and with several clients, and have been impressed with her intelligence, honesty, and tenacity throughout the planning and execution processes of dozens of successful campaigns. She’s a precise and disciplined marketer who always challenges her partners to think more strategically, while continually challenging herself to fluently understand the latest innovations in media/retail and apply them to her work.

    Just as important — Rebecca is a joy to be around. Her humor and her ability to remain positive under a heavy workload is something I envy. She makes time for everyone and makes them feel valued, and for that I am greatly appreciative!

    Blake Marts
    Senior Director/Business Development at Collective Bias

  • Mine and synthesize data
  • Extract insights from data analytics
  • Uncover your primary/secondary consumer/shopper
  • Develop insights that will be the cornerstone of your campaign
  • Strategy development that falls into place from insights
  • Media plan creation that maximizes reach and frequency with a relentless focus on ROI
  • Create custom brand content
  • Choose omnichannel tactics that work together synergistically
  • Make sure that all tactics within a plan “speak to one another”
  • Ensure that each person who touches the campaign is invested in the results
  • Negotiate to over-deliver results on budget spend
  • Optimize in real-time
  • Engage customers through storytelling
  • Use key learnings to setup future campaigns for success
  • Robert Kim

    It was a pleasure working with Rebecca. Our demands regarding media knowledge and creativity are many and varied. It was my experience that she was very thorough and knowledgeable, and very comfortable/confident in front of large audiences asking tough questions. She has a great sense of humor, and an understanding of the innovation that defines the media industry today, which gives her the innate ability to think out of the box and deliver tailored media plans that are effective in markets small and large.

    Robert Kim
    Regional Marketing Leader for McDonald’s

  • Manage all pieces in creating, executing, & recapping a campaign
  • Oversee campaigns whether they be international, national, regional, and/or local
  • Streamline the process of each campaign
  • Have the right people present to maximize time and efficiency
  • Eliminate “meetings to have meetings” to protect everyone’s valuable time
  • Lead brainstorm/ideation sessions
  • Stay on top of industry trends
  • Ensure clients are leaders and not followers
  • Educate clients to make sure they thoroughly understand each step of the process
  • Manage all vendor relationships
    • Choosing the right vendors that will over-deliver results
    • Connect all vendors to ensure that everyone is bringing their best to the table
    • Ideate with vendors on how to build upon and amplify ideas that maximize each vendor’s capabilities, product offerings, and expertise
    • Weekly calls with all team members to make sure the campaign stays on track and course correct if necessary


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