• David Mullaly, Global Always Discreet at P&G

    Rebecca was an incredible member of our team. She was consistent, reliable, and incredibly knowledgeable. I could always count on her for the full analysis and a detailed media plan. She also reliably had the data and behind-the-scenes work prepared to answer any questions and adapt the plan to meet any additional requests. She brought a level of expertise and passion to her work that I appreciated and that ensured our media plans were continually stronger.

    Beyond the business side, Rebecca was incredibly personable, and a valuable member of the team. Her pleasant demeanor, humor, and personality make her a tremendous partner. I would jump at the opportunity to work with Rebecca again.

    David Mullaly
    Brand Director, Global Always Discreet at P&G

  • Kristy Vivian, Outdoor Advertising

    While working with Rebecca, she was always open to listen to new ideas and different points of view. She is always a positive person to be around and has a lot of passion for her job. I hope to work with Rebecca once again in the near future!

    Kristy Vivian
    VP Business at Billups | Outdoor Advertising | Out-of-Home Media | BOOHMA

  • Liv Brown, Camel City Poster Productions

    Rebecca was the media planner for the McDonald’s co-op that I worked with. She was very organized and easy to communicate with. Her needs were always clearly outlined when she made a request. She was open in sharing information about our mutual client and she had an interest in giving McDonalds the best possible program, as evidenced in her research and gaining understanding of each market and their current outdoor campaign. It was a pleasure working with her.

    Liv Brown
    Director of National Accounts, Camel City Poster Productions

  • Chris Kersh, Valassis

    I had the pleasure of working with Rebecca on the McDonald’s account. The print programs we produced together were highly complex and risky and created their own unique challenges that Rebecca balanced and executed perfectly. The multi vehicle distribution had to be managed at the household level with specific in home dates to ensure that store owners were prepared and staffed for the increase in store traffic. She also had to manage many specific coverage and version needs from demanding groups of owner operators. On many occasions she worked after hours and managed key needs on vacation. Rebecca was superb at staying in contact and responding, which is rare and greatly appreciated in the ever busier agency world. I highly recommend Rebecca, and very much like to work with her again soon.

    Chris Kersh
    Integrated Sales Executive at Valassis

  • Fayeruz Regan, WRIC-TV ABC News 8

    Rebecca made a seamless transition from Atlanta to Los Angeles, family in tow, and never missed a beat. Our team fully expected to give her time to acclimate to the move, and the difference in the culture of our agency. We were surprised to find she slipped in perfectly. When I look to her team to provide a media analysis, I know it will get to me on time, and valuated perfectly down to the penny. Professionally, it’s a comfort to know I can lean on her. Personally, her humor and ability to adjust is something that our Promotions team would never take for granted.

    Fayeruz Regan
    Account Executive, WRIC-TV ABC News 8

  • Julie Thomas, S.C. Johnson

    Rebecca’s extensive experience in media buying, shopper insights analysis and engagement planning makes her a valuable asset to our team. She consistently brings thought leadership and a new perspective to client needs while also balancing the needs of the retailer. Rebecca’s work ethic is to be praised — she never misses a deadline and always over-delivers. She is always willing to parachute in when needed and lend her expertise to help find the best solution for both the client and the customer!

    Julie Thomas
    Shopper Marketing Manager, S.C. Johnson

  • Marilyn Phillips, Shopper Marketing

    I have worked with Rebecca at both SSX and the Mars Agency and have found her insights, work product, skill set, dependability, and smarts an incredible asset to our team. She has a wonderful ability to distill vast swarms of data and identify the exact touch points needed to effectively engage the shopper. She has unparalleled negotiation skills, is a great listener, will take on any challenge with a “can do attitude” and has an amazing ability to work within fluid work and brand environments. I recommend her highly.

    Marilyn Phillips
    Consumer Insights, Shopper Marketing, Packaging Design, and Branding Expert

  • Jim Rabidue, The Mars Agency

    I cannot say enough positive things about Rebecca. She truly embodies the three key elements that make anyone successful in this business. She has a deep understanding of client needs, and what will drive sales. She knows the customer, inside and out. Thirdly, she works incredibly well within the team environment. Knowing when to listen, when to push back, and when to drive forward. She is a pleasure to work with.

    Jim Rabidue
    Vice President/Account Management, The Mars Agency

  • Carol Campbell, Sales Development Hearst

    I’ve worked with Rebecca closely and she is responsive, detail oriented and – most importantly – truly understands her clients’ needs. She is also able to communicate clearly to vendors – i.e., people like me. She understands multiple ways to reach Walmart shoppers via different media forms – print, digital & beyond. Lastly, I truly enjoy working with her personally – she is dedicated, smart and does what she says she is going to do – with a sense of humor!

    Carol Campbell
    Executive Director, Sales Development Hearst

  • Allie Verdery

    Rebecca was one of the best people I had a pleasure of working with at The Mars Agency. Consistently my go-to-person, Rebecca’s knowledge across all things Walmart & Sam’s was always a vault of knowledge I regularly tapped into. Personality wise, her sense of humor and wit I already miss. Overall, Rebecca is one of the true diamonds in the rough in the industry, not to be overlooked.

    Allie Verdery
    REALTOR®️ serving the NWA community

  • Emily Curtis

    I’ve truly enjoyed working with Rebecca over the last year! Not only does Rebecca bring a wealth of media knowledge to the table but also a great sense of humor and positive attitude in the workplace. Rebecca never pauses when I ask for help and always jumps right in to answer my questions, even when she is swamped! Everything I’ve learned around shopper media, I’ve learned from Rebecca. She is a great ideator and is consistently building her industry knowledge to improve client businesses. She would be a great asset to any team!

    Emily Curtis
    Retail Media Manager, The Mars Agency

  • Gina Allgaier

    Rebecca is a passionate and skilled digital marketer. She has worked with some of the most well-known food brands and has designed and executed engaging and disruptive campaigns to drive sales.

    Gina Allgaier
    CEO, Hello World Marketing Solutions

  • Callie Daly

    It has been a pleasure to work with Rebecca over the past few years! She is professional, personable, and intelligent. She is a great communicator internally and externally. She is very knowledgeable of the client businesses she works on making her excellent at bringing clients out-of-the-box ideas via retailer specific plans.

    Callie Daly
    Director/Client Leadership, The Mars Agency

  • Andrew Prysby, The Mars Agency

    Rebecca is a special talent! Not only is she an expert on Walmart but she also brings a brand level marketing POV. Can handle anything thrown at her and has a tremendous attitude!

    Andrew Prysby
    Director of Consumer Relations, The Mars Agency

  • Gina Gardner

    Rebecca worked on some media planning for one of our clients and did an excellent job. Our team here had nothing but great things to say about the quality of Rebecca’s work, professionalism, and communication. I’ve had the pleasure of being in direct contact with Rebecca throughout the term of the project and she has been nothing but timely, friendly, and an overall pleasure to communicate with. She has produced and performed work above our expectations and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone inquiring. We look forward to any other opportunities that would require Rebecca’s help.

    Gina Gardner
    HR & Recruiting Coordinator, The Mx Group

  • Gwen LaSalle

    For many years, I have called on Rebecca Bauwens. I have met with her at Saatchi & Saatchi X (P&G agency), The Mars Agency (Campbell’s, Hillshire) and recently as she began her own company. Her insights are invaluable. She knows how/why brands and retailers buy media, she knows what the brands need, she knows what the brands want that currently isn’t available and more. When building a new product, inviting Rebecca to consult is invaluable.

    Gwen LaSalle
    Director, National Sales PRODEGE, LLC

  • Kristine Pries

    I’ve worked with countless clients throughout my career and Rebecca sits at the top of my favorites list. Not only is she always an absolute pleasure to work with, but she continuously brings a contagious energy and innovative perspective to the conversation. Her understanding of and commitment to her business is inspiring. It has been an absolute pleasure partnering with her over the years and I look forward to crossing paths on future endeavors.

    Kristine Pries
    Sales Director at Evite

  • Michelle Sbabo

    Before Rebecca joined the agency where we worked together, I barely knew what “receptivity” meant. Because of her, it’s part of my daily vocabulary and has added value to the work we do for our clients. She is an expert in her field, and more than that she’s a great communicator and teacher.

    She understands her audience and can adapt her work to very simple or very complex terms depending on the need. She’s extremely responsive and eager to help; usually overdelivering on an ask. She has a bright, sunny personality and is great to work with.”

    Michelle Sbabo
    Account Director at Saatchi & Saatchi X

  • Blake Marts

    I have worked with Rebecca for several years and with several clients, and have been impressed with her intelligence, honesty, and tenacity throughout the planning and execution processes of dozens of successful campaigns. She’s a precise and disciplined marketer who always challenges her partners to think more strategically, while continually challenging herself to fluently understand the latest innovations in media/retail and apply them to her work.

    Just as important — Rebecca is a joy to be around. Her humor and her ability to remain positive under a heavy workload is something I envy. She makes time for everyone and makes them feel valued, and for that I am greatly appreciative!

    Blake Marts
    Senior Director/Business Development at Collective Bias

  • Victoria Van Dusen

    I have enjoyed working with Rebecca since the day she sat down at my desk to introduce herself. Rebecca is very knowledgable, thorough, and intelligent. When she joined the team, she had to forge a new path in uncharted territories for the agency. She successfully integrated herself into both the team culture and process and taught me a lot along the way.

    Our client immediately recognized her contribution to the team and identified her as one of the most valuable assets of our cross-functional team during our agency evaluation. Rebecca has fantastic presentation skills and the ability to present complex, strategic recommendations clearly and concisely to the client and gain alignment along the way. Rebecca is a pleasure to work with and a true asset to the agency.”

    Victoria Van Dusen
    Associate Account Director at Saatchi & Saatchi X

  • Robert Kim

    It was a pleasure working with Rebecca. Our demands regarding media knowledge and creativity are many and varied. It was my experience that she was very thorough and knowledgeable, and very comfortable/confident in front of large audiences asking tough questions. She has a great sense of humor, and an understanding of the innovation that defines the media industry today, which gives her the innate ability to think out of the box and deliver tailored media plans that are effective in markets small and large.

    Robert Kim
    Regional Marketing Leader for McDonald’s

  • Jenna Calahan

    Rebecca has my highest recommendation for any position she applies – her skills and demonstrated leadership qualities have made her successful and I am confident she will be an invaluable addition to any team she joins. She is very knowledgeable and her professionalism has always shown through on any client call or presentation. She can answer any question that comes her way and is always one of the first people to help solve a problem with ease.

    Rebecca is not afraid to take risks and suggest new directions to explore. Her top priority was always the client and what was best for them. She has never missed a deadline and often was ahead of schedule. I’m excited for her and her successes in her next role..

    Jenna Calahan
    Marketing Professional at The Mars Agency

  • Jeff Arquette

    Rebecca is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. She is an excellent communicator, both internally, as well as externally, with vendors & especially with clients. Her easy-going, smooth, story-telling delivery is very effective in delivering the intended message and connecting the proverbial dots. These skills have been recognized as benchmarks and she has often been asked to help others with their respective development.

    Rebecca is an excellent collaborator, especially with ideation, brainstorming and strategy development. She truly leads by example and is an important contributor to all the areas of the business that she touches.

    Jeff Arquette
    Vice President at The Mars Agency

  • Maria Suarez, Outfront Media

    Rebecca was my client at Moroch. We worked closely on the McDonald’s Account. Rebecca was extremely professional and knew her industry very well. Her ultimate goal was always to deliver the best possible service/product to her client. She is a pleasure to work with and I’m would highly recommend her – she is a great asset to any company.

    Maria Suarez
    General Manager of NC, SC, VA, Outfront Media